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Hurricane Matthew

"Howdy, y'all"

Well I guess after three years and nine months I can finally say “Howdy, y’all”. Since Robin and I are originally from “up north” we have been told you are not really a Floridian until you survive your first hurricane!

I am sure everyone was watching the news on Thursday October 6, 2016. The Weather Channel reported, “Hurricane Matthew, once again a Category 4 hurricane hammering the northwest Bahamas, is hours away from beginning a potentially catastrophic, rare Category 4, perhaps even Category 5 siege on Florida’s east coast, with dangerous storm surge, destructive winds and flooding rainfall stretching into Georgia and South Carolina by the weekend.”

Fortunately as I compose this, the storm has moved on from our coast line and appears to have wrecked less havoc here than what was first broadcasted. My hope is that you and your families weathered the storm with very little damage and/or inconvenience. As I traveled around the park Friday afternoon, I did see a few small tree limbs down and one of our residents had a large tree limb down in their front yard!

​Overall given the original forecast it appears we were very lucky, it could have been a lot worse. I would like to take a minute and thank the various committees that worked behind the scenes prior to the storms arrival! Kevin Rees, chairperson of the Water Committee to ensure that the back-up systems were in place and operational. Myrtle Webb, chairperson for the Landscape Committee to ensure vendors were in place for post storm clean-up, and Jeff Coldern, chairperson of the ARC who was standing by to assist residents with any needed information request.

Last but certainty not least I want to thank all the neighbors and friends that came together to help out in areas of need. This is what really makes our community a great place to call home! I experienced this first hand as my employment lists my position as essential personnel for the duration of the storm. I am "much abliged" to our friends and neighbors here at the park that helped Robin and myself weather the storm. Till next time enjoy this special place we call home.

Joe Routt

HOA Board of Directors President

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