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Welcome to The Park Pages, the residences newsletter where you can find interesting information about what's happening within our community along with helpful information.  Please feel free to visit any of our posts and if there is something that you would like to see in a future newsletter please contact Ruth Brady our Editor.

August 2019 Edition
December 2018 Edition

Note from President...

Greetings Neighbors:

This year’s article has really been a challenge for me, not so much the subject material, but the story line. I simply did not want to continue to rework the countless amounts of subject material on this that all of you have read through the years. I really want to try and communicate effectively the need, challenges and yes the rewards of the subject matter. To do so I have decided to share my journey into this world which in part was brought on by my addiction, yes unfortunately I have an addiction problem.

Shortly after Robin and I moved into the park we received a notice of the upcoming annual meeting. As Robin and I discussed the notice, I decided that I would attend the meeting and check it out, if for only a few minutes. Not really knowing the subject matter or what the protocol would be I still decided to attend. Upon arriving I was asked to sign in and take a seat, I was also offered food, so much for leaving early!

Click the addition link to read the balance of the story...

Note from the HOA...


As 2018 comes to a close, we hope this Christmas season brings you joy and peace and the new year brings blessings to us all.


There are many events in our community and nearby this year that will give you the opportunity to celebrate all of the wonderful things this season represents and we hope you and your family will find time to enjoy them.


You may also get in the holiday spirit by strolling through the park and enjoying the beautiful lights and decorations throughout our community. Please visit the park’s website for any updates we may have this holiday season.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours!


The Park at Wolf Branch Oaks

August 2018 Edition
March 2018 Edition

Note from President...


Greetings to Everyone:

How time flies! Another year has passed and it’s time again for our annual HOA Meeting. I would like to personally invite everyone to attend this year’s meeting.

Every home will receive a mailing prior to the meeting that includes the directions, agenda and a proxy for Election of Officers. If you cannot attend the meeting, please fill out your Proxy and send it to PO Box 981, Sorrento, FL 32776 - or - give it to a neighbor who is planning to attend.

I’d like to thank all the folks who give of their time to serve our community. I’d also like to invite everyone to become involved in this great place we call home. I look forward to the many challenges and opportunities ahead in 2019 and I’m grateful for everyone’s continued efforts to make “The Park at Wolf Branch Oaks” one of the best places here in Central Florida to call home.

Joe Routt, President

Do you know how important you are as a resident of this community...

Keeping your home and property maintained according to our Architectural Guidelines and CC&R’s contributes to keeping our community beautiful and a nice place for all of us to live.

Below are a few of the noncompliant issues that need regular attention:

  • RV’s and Boats can not to be parked anywhere on a lot over 48 hrs.

  • Trash cans should be stored out of sight from the street on non-scheduled p/u dates.

  • Mailboxes need to be repaired and painted (gloss black) with 3” White or Gold numbers.

  • Cars should not be parked on lawns, common and preservation areas.

  • Lawns and landscaping should be maintained on a consistent basis.

  • Roofs, driveways, and fences should be free of excessive dirt, algae, and stains.

  • Major changes in landscaping and structural exterior improvements will need A.R.C. prior approval.

    • Tree removal or planting of trees with visible changes to your landscape.

    • Exterior painting.

    • Roof replacements and solar installation.


For your convenience, the Guidelines and the CC&R’s can be reviewed on under the HOA Information section and in the Architectural Review Committee tab.

Jeff Coldren, ARC Chairman

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