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  • I need to contact our Management Company for assistance??
    The Park at Wolf Branch Oaks is a self-managed HOA. If you are needing to contact the Board of Directors for any reason, please send us a note using the contact us form or by calling or sending us an email. All contact information can be found on our HOA Information page by clicking here.
  • The Streetlight is out, how do we report it or get it fixed
    Our streetlights are contracted and maintained by SECO Energy. If you find one with a bulb out, not working correctly, or with missing parts like the globe, please contact SECO Energy. When reporting an issue, you will need either the streetlight number (found on the pole) or its location. Reports can be easily made by using SECO's website and streetlight finder; simply just this link: Streetlight Finder powered by SECO.
  • When are HOA Annual Assessments due?
    HOA Annual Assessments are due in the month of January each year. The HOA will send out invoices to property owners between the middle to end of December each year. Property owns then have until January 30th to submit payment without encoring late fees.
  • What is an Estoppel Certificate and why do I need one for my closing?
    An estoppel letter or certificate is a legal document provided by the seller’s Homeowner’s or Condominium Owner’s Association, outlining the current owner’s financial standing, past due balances, current fees due and lists all future special assessments due. Each letter has a “good through” date. The Association's management company charges a fee to prepare the estoppel letter/certificate and by law we have 15 business days to provide the letter/certificate once payment and request form is received. The current fee for The Park At Wolf Branch Oaks is $250.00. Please note that the process is further complicated if the homeowner is in collection. A payoff letter must be obtained from the HOA’s attorney and they have 15 business days to provide the payoff and will charge an additional fee. To request an Estoppel, please click here and scroll to the bottom.
  • Selling, Refinancing, or Representing someone and in need of an Estoppel Letter/Certificate?"
    If needing an Estoppel Letter/Certificate, please click the below link and scroll down to the Financial Section access the Estoppel Link. Please note, the current fee for the estoppel letter/certificate is $250.00 and that can be paid by E-Check, or Check/Money Order. (Click to be directed to the HOA Information Pages)
  • I would like to paint my house; what's the process?
    There are several things that you need to keep in mind before you start painting. Review the Exterior Paint Color Scheme Guidelines. This document will help you understand some of the requirements related to painting along with how to obtain color samples that will help your approval process. Before you start, remember that colors chosen must be approved via the ACC (Architectural Control Committee) before work can begin. Make sure you submit an ACC Application. Looking for the ACC Application or the Exterior Paint Color Scheme Guidelines, click here to be redirected to the ACC Page.
  • I need to replace or refresh my mailbox, is there something specific that must be purchased?"
    Yes, we have some specific requirements related to paint, letters, and even replacement with regards to our mailboxes. This is so that we can have a uniform look throughout the HOA. Please visit our Mailbox Replace and Repair page for detailed information. Click here to be redirected.
  • What do I need to know if a Boil Alert is issued by the Water Committee?
    Often a Boil Alert notice is issued to our residents out of precaution. Most of time this is due to work that is being performed at our Water Plant, and the committee wants to be sure our residents (from the smallest to the oldest and even our pets) are safe. The notice will expalin what you should do while it is in effect, and below are links to some additional information from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Click here to view the addtional infomration from the CDC around Boil Advisories and how to make Water Safe.. CDC Boil Advisory Fact Sheet CDC Make Water Safe Fact Sheet CDC Website
  • How does the Homeowners Association (HOA) feel about Golf Cart Use?
    The Park at Wolf Branch Oaks unfortunately is not deemed a Golf Cart friendly neighborhood under the Lake County and Florida Statutes. Both Local and State goverment have statutes related to such use of Golf Carts on public road ways and our neighborhood does not fall in to those requirements. Residents are encouraged not to use Golf Carts and are asked to follow the guidelines related to the statute. If you would like to read more about the government statute (Statutue 316.216) please visit the State of Florida's website by clicking this link. Statute 316.216
  • I need to update my Voter Certification, how do I go about it?"
    Voter Certifications can be updated at anytime by the Homeowner. Simply complete the Voting Certification form at the bottom of the Estoppel Request Form and submit to the HOAs secretary. Need the form, just click below, scroll down to the Request Estoppel section and click the button to access. Voting Certification Form

Do you have a question that the Homeowners Association has not posted? If so, please send us a note and we will be happy to get back with you and will look to add your question to our library of questions.

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