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Well Pump Replacement - UPDATE

Tomorrow, January 26th, the pump in the west well at our water plant is scheduled to be replaced. This is not expected to cause any disruption of water service to our community. After the pump is replaced, the water plant will run on only the east well for 48-hours while required bacteriological testing is conducted on the west well. After testing is complete, the water plant will resume normal operation.

During the testing period from Wednesday through Friday, we request that residents turn off lawn irrigation to reduce demand on the single operating well to help maintain system pressure. Our water system normally operates on one pump at a time, alternating between the two pumps each time system pressure reaches a set point. In rare cases when water demand is high, due to many lawn irrigation systems running, both pumps may be required to maintain pressure. If this were to occur during the time when only one well is operating, water pressure may fall below the required level. If this happens, we are required to issue a 48-hour precautionary boil water notice. We hope this will not be necessary and cooperation of residents will ensure that. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated


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