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Spring Clean-up Reminder

Happy Spring Everyone:

The Board of Directors main focus is to ensure all property values are maintained.Monthly inspections help to remind homeowners of their responsibility to adhere to the Covenants of the Community.To help you, we would like to remind you of some of the violations and rules we look for while during the inspections.They are:

Fences, driveways and sidewalks that are in need of pressure washing.

Roofs need to be free of excessive dirt, algae and stains.

RV’s and Boats can not to be parked anywhere on a lot over 48 hours.

Yards – are there brown spots or weeds in their yard. Does the lawn need to be replaced? Does the lawn look like it is being mowed (weekly starting in the Spring till Fall)? Is their lawn full of weeds? Are there weeds in their landscape beds and or driveway? Have they weeded behind their fence line?

Mailboxes - Does the mailbox need to be cleaned and/or repainted? Can you read the numbers? Numbers must be 3 inches gold or white and must be on both sides of the mailboxes.

Yard Waste – Is there yard waste out on the wrong days? Yard waste goes out on Thursday evenings, NOT BEFORE. Garbage cans must be placed out of view from the street at all times except for on pick up days which is Thursday and should NOT BE PUT OUT BEFORE Wednesday night.

Parking – THERE IS NO PARKING OR MOTOR VEHICLES ALLOWED IN OR ON THE PRESERVATION AREAS, LAWNS and COMMON AREAS. If you do not know what the preservations areas are, please check your documents or ask a Board Member.

Pet Waste and Pets – Please pick up after your pets, and remember, all animals must be on a leash at all times when off your property.

If you are wanting to paint your house or make improvements to the outside of your home. You must receive approval first before you start the project by filling out an ACC form. This form can be found with instructions by clicking here.

We know that we are all going through a rough period, so it is most important to keep our Community property values up.Let’s work together to make sure this happens and keep it a place for everyone to be proud of.

Thanks for your cooperation.


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