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Change in Community Management

March 6, 2023


Our community management company, Specialty Management, has notified the Board of Directors of their intention to terminate our contract, effective March 31, 2023. The board is working with Specialty Management to transition the services they provide back in-house as we reassess our options.

This transition does not affect our water billing or payments, which will continue to be serviced by RCM Utilities.

However, annual HOA dues payments sent after March 15, 2023, or any other correspondence after March 31, 2023, should be sent to:

Park at Wolf Branch Oaks HOA Inc.

PO Box 981

Sorrento Fl. 32776

We will also update the Park’s website ( to reflect these changes.

In our community’s 25-year history – we incorporated in 1998! – we have had strong, continuous involvement by our residents serving on our Board of Directors and many committees. Our community has had people like you, who in the past and present, have volunteered to make ours one of the best and most beautiful communities in Central Florida. We thank them for their service.

However, in the past three to four years, the board has seen a decline in residents willing to volunteer their time and effort to help support our community. This decline has driven the need to employ an outside management company while also increasing our expenses that we all share. Residents’ commitment to volunteer has always been the life blood of our community and helps to ensure vital services are provided to our community. We are asking if you would join us and please volunteer. We would enjoy collaborating with you either as a board member or on one of our community committees (ACC, Landscaping, Water and Non-Compliance).

Thank you for your patience as we work to bring the out-sourced services back in-house.


Board of Directors


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