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2023 Annual Meeting Notice

Our Annual HOA Membership Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 21 at 7:00 pm at Reach Church (31431 Payne Rd – Sorrento). Every home/owner should receive a mailing around the beginning of September that includes the annual meeting notice, agenda, and a proxy for Election of Officers.

This meeting is only successful with your help. If you are looking to help make our community a better place we encourage you to join us.

If for some reason you cannot attend it is very important to send your proxies in so that your vote to be counted. The HOA must receive your proxy by mail or it can be handed to one of our current Board of Directors prior to the meeting taking place. If you are mailing it, please make sure you mail it no later than Monday September 18, 2023 in order for us to receive it in time for the meeting and for the vote to be counted.

This is your HOA. We need your participation to help ensure the community stays the beautiful place that it is. Hope to see everyone there!

Park at Wolf Branch Oaks HOA PO Box 981 Sorrento, FL 32776 352-729-1824

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