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Neighbors – Safety First!

I have brought this up in previous issues of the newsletter and I have been asked to comment on this again. As I have stated before, the PARK at WOLF BRANCH OAKS is not a golf cart approved community. According to Florida Stat. 316.2123, an ATV (all-terrain vehicle), ROV (remotely operated vehicle), and OHM (off-highway vehicle) cannot be operated on a public road. Go-carts fall under the ROV listing. To safely and legally operate a golf cart under the Florida Stat. 316.212, drivers must be at least fourteen years of age, the golf cart equipped for on-road use, and the area designated as approved for golf carts.

Also of concern is the motorized equipment operated on our green spaces and preservation areas, which is prohibited in our CC&Rs. All of these regulations serve a purpose which is to keep everyone safe, as well as maintain the beauty of our park! Thank you.

~ Joe Routt, HOA President

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