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Amendments to our CC& R’s

Dear Home Owners,

The HOA Board of Directors would like to update you regarding the letter sent to our community in February 2019 referencing suggested amendments to our CC& R’s and getting approval signatures by each home owner. Another business needed has also been brought to the board’s attention, the need to update our residential files with a current Voting Certificate. If your property deed list more than one individual, then the decision needs to be addressed as to which one of the individuals would be the Voting Representative for your lot.

We are asking each home owner in the Park over the next couple of weeks as the board members go door to door if you would allow a few minutes of your time with the board members (ID tags will be worn). The board members will answer any questions or concerns you might have as we move forward securing signatures and hopefully implementing these critical amendments to our CC & R’s and obtaining a Voting Certificate on file.

Recapping the February letter, The Park at Wolf Branch Oaks was incorporated on 11/04/1998 and the final amendment noted 08/15/2003. Since that time, the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) and By-laws have not been revised. You may be familiar with the current CCRs and By-laws that are posted on the Park’s website @ The recommended changes are listed there as well, this allows everyone easy access to review the documents. Ironically, the developer’s language is still referenced throughout the document.

The Board of Directors are seeking to address language within the current document which reads:

  • Article IX section-6 , this declaration may be amended at any time by an instrument signed by not less than seventy-five (75%) of the lot owners:

The Board of Directors is requesting the new language to read:

  • This declaration may be amended at any time by not less than sixty six (66%) of the voting members who are present and voting, in person or by proxy, at a duly called meeting of the members.

Lastly, to incorporate new language covering rentals and rental property to include:

  • Caps on the amount of rentals, approval procedures, ability to implement rules and regulations on rentals.

Thank you for your consideration.


Joe Routt

Joe Routt

President, Homeowner’s Association

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