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Small Sinkhole Located on Road Way

Update as of 10/28/2017 -

Lake Country Roads Operations continue to monitor the small sinkhole area that was located at the intersection of Oak Cluster Drive and Oak Canopy Drive. This area was patched shortly after the hole was identified, however, it is believed that due to large vehicles driving over this patch has caused the ground to settle. It is our feeling at this time that there is nothing to be alarmed about. We just ask residents to be vigilant and if you happen to see something say something.

Residents of the Park at Wolf Branch Oaks,

We have been alerted to a small sinkhole that has opened at the intersection of Oak Cluster and Oak Canopy Drives. Lake Country Public Works has been alerted and crews are currently working to fill the hole. We are asking all residents to be vigilante and be extremely cautious in this area. At this time, the County is not closing the road but we are asking that you do not drive on this unpaved area and that you try to avoid the east side of the intersection as illustrated in the image below.

Lake County will continue to monitor the area over the next several days to ensure the hole is not growing. Should it grow we are encourage to call the County immediately to report it. Being that your HOA Board Members are also aware of this, we too will be vigilante in watching this area.

There is nothing to panic about and our hope is that this is an isolated event. Thank you for your cooperation as we work to resolve this minor issue.


The HOA Board

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