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Water Plant Power Back Online

We have great news, at this time the utility power to the Water Plant has been restored and we are no longer working of generator power. We would like to thank everyone for conserving water over the last 4 to 5 days as this helped ensure our pressure did not drop to a critical level and that our fuel level stayed high so we did not need a delivery of diesel fuel.

So all residents are aware the water system was fully operational throughout the storm and subsequent power outage. There were no reports of damaged water lines or breaches, and the system maintained adequate pressure and chlorination throughout this time. Because of above reasons, a boil water alert was not needed. Residents may possibly see some cloudiness in your water is due to air in the system. This should clear up after sitting for a few minutes. The extra air was added to the hydro-pneumatic tank prior to the storm to help maintain system pressure, and it's possible some air got into the water lines. If you happen to see continued cloudiness in standing water after several minutes, please let us know.

In closing, please make sure you thank the members of the Water Committee when you see them. If you happen to wonder who is on that committee, please visit their page here. It is because of their team work that we maintained a fully operational system throughout the storm.

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