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Message from the HOA Regarding Hurricane Irma and our Water Supply

With Hurricane Irma threatening to affect us this weekend, we want to let everyone know about our preparations to maintain our water supply during any potential power outage.

Our community water plant has a generator that is capable of operating the wells at full capacity and has a full tank of fuel which will provide at least two days of continuous operation. The generator was fully tested today, including disconnecting utility power and operating the well pump on generator power for a full cycle.

In the event of a catastrophe where a longer term power outage is anticipated, it would be possible to operate the generator in an as-needed, manual mode, which could provide water to the community for a much longer time period at reduced capacity. If such action was necessary, we would inform the community of the potential for limited water availability and any special instructions.

Stay safe.

Park at Wolf Branch Oaks Homeowners Association

Board of Directors and Water Committee

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