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Saturday, April 22, Generator Testing

Residents of the Park at Wolf Branch Oaks,

This Saturday, April 22, we will conduct an extended test of the generator at our water plant. The purpose of this test is threefold:

• verify water plant operation during an extended power outage

• measure fuel consumption to improve accuracy of estimated runtime based on fuel level

• consume aging fuel in the tank to be replaced with fresh fuel prior to the start of hurricane season

This will be a multi-hour test, possibly running overnight Saturday to Sunday (depending on fuel level and consumption.) The generator is operated by a large diesel engine. Though it is enclosed in a sound insulated cabinet, residents living or walking in the northeast area of the community will likely be able to hear it running. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We will monitor the generator during this test and do not anticipate any interruption of water supply. In the unlikely event of a generator malfunction, we will immediately switch back to utility power.

We will post updates to the community web site ( and to the mailing list.

Board of Directors and Water Committee

Park at Wolf Branch Oaks Homeowners Association

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