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Say NO to Avington Park! Lake County Commissioner Meeting On HOLD!

Please note that Avington Park has been placed ON HOLD and will not be on the agenda for tomorrow's Commissioner Meeting. More to come as soon as we have more information.

Have you heard the news, a developer is looking to build 400 homes just up the road here on Wolf Branch. Here is some information that you will want to read... Do you think the traffic on Wolf Branch Road and Round Lake Road is already unmanageable?

Can you picture an additional 750 vehicles traveling on these roads every single day? Can you imagine those 750 cars trying to turn right or left onto Wolf Branch Road from tiny little Avington Road? What will our traffic be like then?

All of the housing developments around Wolf Branch Road that exist now are a minimum of 1 acre per house. Most are 2-3 acres per house. Wildlife is abundant, beautiful trees and pastures are clean and green. Now can you imagine 418 homes going in on less than 150 acres? Do we live in Lake County or downtown urban Orlando?

We are not against development, just over-development. The original plan to develop Avington Park into 42 large lots is more than welcome. But 42, NOT 418!! Avington Park with 418 homes would work in the right location, next to other densely built developments, but not here. Here, in our thriving rural community of fruit and horse farms, eagles and tortoises, Avington Park is as out of place as a skyscraper on a farm.

Do you know how overcrowded the schools in this area already are? Can you imagine adding an additional 500+ students to these schools? Where will the classroom space come from? Where will the additional teachers come from? How long will you have to wait to drop off and pick up your loved ones?

PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL YOUR COUNTY COMMISSIONERS and tell them we do not want over-development in East Lake County.

Tim Sullivan -

Sean Parks -

Wendy Breeden -

Leslie Campione -

Josh Blake -

County Manager David Heath -

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I am a taxpaying, voting resident of Lake County and I am AGAINST the development currently being proposed for Avington Park. A development of that density will have negative effects on road traffic, school crowding, property values, and the general beauty of Lake County. As your constituent, I am asking you to deny this development as currently presented.

PLEASE ATTEND THE COMMISSION MEETING which will decide if this project is approved or not. When: Tuesday, March 21 at 9:00 a.m. before the Lake County Board of Commissioners

Where: County Administration Building located at 315 West Main Street, Tavares. (The County Administration Building is the large round building located east of the Court House.)

Please feel free to email us with any questions, or if you should need help contacting the county officials or with anything:

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